School of Science – Out of Order


Maybe our expectations are far too high after last seasons record points haul and with the shouts of the return of the school of science looking premature which maybe has elevated our frustrations at times, but some of the comments I’ve seen from so called fans wanting Martinez sacked is embarrassing and misguided. He should be given time like Moyes enjoyed, fans shouldn’t fall for the quick fix but maybe realise that more work is needed in building solid foundations that will last and cope with the demands of the English Premier League.

Yes Martinez has not shown the same desire and forward thinking as he did last season and at times has shown a real stubbornness regarding team selections, formation, substitutions and a lack of a plan B against teams that have tactically sussed us out. I still believe Martinez is the right man for us and it’s so easy at times to point our frustrations at the manager, especially taking into account this time last year our league position was an impressive 4th place, instead of aiming the flak at Martinez, what about the players?

Far too many players this season have not turned up and offered very liitle, yes injuries have played a part but some of this seasons performances have been woeful and I expected better from some of the more established players,
Baines,Coleman,Distin,Howard,Jagielka,Pienaar,Osman,Mirallas,Lukaku,Barry have all been guilty this season.

We lack leaders on the pitch and a real desire to roll the sleeves up when up against it, but as long as we win the possession game everything is ok, well it’s not and something needs to change very soon and the only way it will change is by bringing new blood this January and for Martinez to adapt to our current plight, what we are doing at the moment is not working so lets change it now before it’s too late!

For me Martinez needs not only to change the formation to a 442 and move Baines into the midfield with Garbutt slotting in at Left Back, left side has been a problem for me this season, Pienaar is not the player he was and the much talked partnership between Baines and Pienaar has receded over time. It’s also pretty obvious that playing Ross Barkley out wide is causing us problems and taking something away from his game. It seems pretty wrong in my eyes continuing with this approach so other players can be selected, for me Ross should be playing alongside McCarthy in the centre.

Also think Gareth Barry’s time as a regular selection needs to be less frequent, given that he’s 34 and the amount of games he’s played already the ideal solution is to pick him for certain games and allow McCarthy and Barkley to build a relationship in the middle where Ross can dictate the game. That’s the biggest concern at the moment we don’t look to be creating anything in the final 3rd, this is something that has to change and quickly.

I was disappointed when Martinez hinted that there would be no signings in January during his weekly press conference, clearly we need fresh blood with pace and excitement that will get the fans in a positive frame of mind. I look at our subs bench and feel despondent in the fact there isn’t a game changer like Deulofeu that can change a game on it’s head when needed.

An exciting winger with pace and the ability to take people on is a must, obviously Martinez doesn’t rate Atsu and I fully expect him to go elsewhere during January, maybe Redmond from Norwich or Adama Traore from Barcelona.

Fabian Delph will be a free agent new year, surely a 3 million bid would secure his services in January and give some much needed balance on the left side of midfield and more importantly within our budget.

David Marshall from Cardiff would provide Howard with some decent competition, which has been lacking this season, far too comfortable for my liking and needs pushed to raise his game.

I think we can safely say our performances has been a huge disappointment and during this season I’ve genuinely only felt excitement once watching Everton play and that was the Wolfsburg away, maybe the School Of Science philosophy we thought had returned was in fact the start of the journey with a few setbacks in the middle, maybe it will return some day but for now we need to get back to basics and start fighting like we did under Moyes, whilst showing the attacking intent of last seasons campaign and not being the soft touch we are currently showing but a team that never gives in and accepts the challenge.


Cumbrian Toffee
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