Negative Vibes by Cumbrian Toffee

Another home defeat at Goodison Park with individual errors proving costly yet again against Palace and twitter goes on a full-on witch hunt regarding certain players. Now I must stress it’s a minority of supporters but none the less it’s painful to read, targeting the same players week in week out has become somewhat boring, predictable  and embarrassing.

I have no problem with people airing their disappointment in a constructive manner, but for supporters to hurl personal insults really puzzles me beyond belief.

The abuse towards  Leon Osman is poor form, it seems we always have  a scapegoat when things go wrong, in the past we have had plenty of pantomime villains – Hibbert, Neville, Fellaini, Naismith and Howard, it now seems Osman is the main focus of attention.

It serves no purpose hurling personal abuse and all it does is create pressure on individuals, who are likely to create more errors for been under the spotlight even more.

I have no problem with people offering an opinion, concern or dissatisfaction, but when personal insults are used, then a line has been crossed.

Another popular gripe was the team selection with changes made from the Wolfsburg game, for me I thought it was an attacking line-up, with only one defender named on the subs bench.

 Apart from Coleman’s injury, Martinez made changes due to the amount of games we have in such a short period, I have no problem with that at all, but again people moaning about team selection.

This is what I don’t understand we have roughly 29 players in our squad, it’s like people want the same team playing week in week out and they are the same people that moaned when we don’t sign anyone on transfer deadline day, can’t have it both ways I’m afraid, people need to embrace change.

Much has been said about the amount of goals conceded this season, 13 goals in 5 games, I’d be the first to admit it’s not great, but putting it into some of context we conceded 6 goals against Chelsea, that’s just under half of the overall goals conceded in one game. I would also point out we have scored 11 goals in 5 games, so overall  -2 goal difference, definitely not the end of the world and only Chelsea have scored more goals in the premiership this season, which as usual the media fail to mention whilst discussing our defensive inabilities.

Anyway enough about that, some quick points about the match, first 20 minutes was the best I’ve seen us play this season in terms of  possession, there seemed to be a purpose and desire to get forward and it was telling with the first goal, well worked and a clinical finish from Lukaku.

Thought Lukaku’s movement off the ball during that 20-minute spell was excellent in creating space and offering himself at every opportunity, just needs to show more consistency in the final third, but his finish was clinical and a reflection of our dominance at that time in the game.

Atsu is bloody quick, he showed some real acceleration into the box a couple of times, needs games under his belt and in time can see him causing most fullbacks major problems, especially late on in games when tiredness tends to kicks in.

Was also impressed with Eto’o, a real desire and graft to track back and help the defence, something I had not thought was in his game, but very much welcomed.

Howard’s decision making on 2 occasions proved costly, he seems far to ardent this season and he’s making rash decisions as a result, which in turn is making the defence slightly jittery.

For me, I would like to see Martinez start the search for a new keeper, even if it provides Howard with some much-needed competition to get the very best out of him as he needs to recalibrate his decision making and hopefully stop being so impulsive.

I would love us to test Chelsea’s resolve and make them an offer for Cech in January, his days there are over at Chelsea, does he want to see out his days on the bench or join a club that would welcome him with open arms and give him 1st team football he desperately deserves .


Cumbrian Toffee

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