Everton Players Following Individual Training Regimes


Everton Players Following Individual Training Regimes

Everton Football Club has set its players individual gym training programmes and guided aerobic work as a way of maintaining their fitness whilst the Blues USM Finch Farm is closed.

Everton’s Director of Medical Services, Danny Donachie, and Francesco Mauri, the Club’s Head of Physical Conditioning, are the men tasked with building the regimes once USM Finch Farm closed last week.

Speaking to evertonfc.com  Donachie said :

“We have given them their usual gym programmes added to aerobic work they can do at home with a bike or treadmill, or in a safe outside space. The players follow individual gym programmes during the season, so the work they are doing is a continuation of that.”

“We have not given them any football-specific training for now and everything they are doing is as safe as possible in terms of avoiding injury.

“Motivation is never an issue and there is some novelty for the players, they are at home and in their own gyms, so that benefits us in the short-term.”

Italian Mauri, who arrived as part of Carlo Ancelotti’s backroom team in December, explained that the players have been given training programmes that are diverse but can be repeated as long as necessary over the coming weeks.

Mauri said:

“It is a strange and difficult situation but we tried to react immediately… we decided to prepare a programme where the players have different training sessions for one week, but they can repeat those routines during subsequent weeks.”

“We used our technology to send a programme with videos and descriptions of activities to the players. The training is focused on aerobic conditioning, strength and mobility.”

“Our goal is to avoid loss of physical condition and some of the exercises are centred on injury prevention. I am sure that the players understand how it is important to move and to keep the body in good shape.”

“We trust them and know they are professionals.”

The Premier League yesterday made a statement saying that there would be no return to action until after April 30th 2020 at the earliest, but there has been no decision as yet regarding the re-opening of USM Finch Farm.